8 Most Insanely Expensive Celebrity Auctions Ever

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8 Most Insanely Expensive Celebrity Auctions Ever
Totally obsessed fans with tons of money + outlandish celebrity memorabilia = the most ridiculous auctions.
With the advancement of the Internet and the rise of consumer-to-consumer shopping websites, it's easier than ever nowadays to buy and sell pretty much anything. From used tissues to X-rays, companionship, and body parts, we've seen it all. We here at Stereotude have compiled a list of the weirdest, most expensive celebrity auctions for you to gawk at.

1. Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Jacket
$1.8 million
The most expensive item on our list, which sold for close to two million dollars, is the legendary red leather jacket worn by Michael Jackson in his "Thriller" music video. The King of Pop's jacket beat out memorabilia from the Beatles, Madonna, and Elvis Presley. 
2. A Lock of Elvis' hair
The King of Pop ain't got nothing on the King of Rock 'n' Roll...his tresses, that is. A mere lock of Elvis Presley's hair sold for $115,000 in 2002. If you don't have $100,000 lying around, you can buy a single strand of Elvis' hair on eBay for $20. In fine print, it reads, "There have been some published reports that the hair is bogus and not authentic. Still a unique card." Hey, everyone loves a good, unique card, right?
3. An iPhone Rihanna Dropped and Autographed
On May 9, Rihanna was seated next to the LA Police Commission President Steve Soboroff at a Clippers-Thunder game. Steve asked RiRi to take a selfie with him, showing off their blue LAPD wristbands. Our bad girl RiRi accidentally dropped the iPhone, shattering the screen. Instead of just apologizing, Rihanna generously donated $25,000 to an LAPD fund for cadets and fallen officers. She also signed the broken phone, writing "Sorry! I <3 LAPD. Rihanna." Steve auctioned the phone off on eBay, with all proceeds going towards the LAPD. An anonymous bidder bought the most expensive cracked iPhone ever for a grand total of $66,500. 
4. Pharrell's Giant Hat
Quite possibly the most meme-able hat of all time? Pharrell showed up to this year's Grammys rocking a fresh new hat. Although the Daft Punk collaborator won four Grammys that night, his absurdly large hat was the talk of the show. The Internet compared him to the likes of Smokey the Bear, Freddy Krueger, and Canadian Mounties. Pharrell made light of the situation, and put the vintage Vivienne Westwood hat up for auction on eBay, which sold for $44,100 to none other than the fast food chain, Arby's. 100% of proceeds were donated to From One Hand to Another, a children's charity. "We're HAPPY to support a great cause & get our hat back." - Arby's
5. Lady Gaga's Nail
One "personally worn acrylic finger nail" which Lady Gaga sported during her Born This Way Ball tour in Dublin was sold online for £8,500, which is approximately $14,000. The nail, discovered by a crew member after the performance, comes with a photograph of Lady Gaga at the concert, clearly missing the nail from her left hand. $14,000 makes for one lucky little monster and an even luckier crew member.
6. Britney Spears' Chewed Gum
Britney Spears, our generation's biggest female pop icon, chewed some gum and spat it out. Not that big of a deal? Wrong. One alleged piece of Britney's ABC (already been chewed) gum was sold on eBay for $14,000. Although there was no way to authenticate the chewed gum, the item was auctioned off and purchased. We wonder if there's any flavor left in that gum...
7. Justin Timberlake's Leftover French Toast
Breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day. Justin Timberlake agrees, and apparently so does one 19-year-old fan, who blew over a grand to own Justin's half-eaten French toast. Two slices of the pop star's breakfast were left behind after a morning interview at New York radio station Z-100. The owner of the French toast, 'N SYNC fan Kathy Summers, told press that she would "probably freeze-dry it, then seal it...then put it on my dresser". Weird.
8. James Blunt's Sister
Nowadays, it's not that unusual to meet your significant other online. There are various dating websites people use to meet the love of their life, but we never guessed that eBay would be one of them. It was 2004, before James Blunt became a household name. The struggling musician had an eBay addiction and sold nearly all his possessions online. His sister, Emily Blunt, was also struggling to make ends meet. Her best friend's father had passed away and she didn't have any money to purchase a flight to Ireland to attend the funeral. James came to his little sister's rescue with a bright idea to auction her off online. The ad read, "Damsel in distress seeks knight in shining armor! Desperate to get to a funeral in southern Ireland, please help!" The knight, millionaire Guy Harrison, won the auction, flew her in his private helicopter to the funeral, dated her, and married her three years later. A fairy tale ending to a truly bizarre scenario.