9 Songs to Wake Up To

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9 Songs to Wake Up To


No matter what region of the world you live in or what your lifestyle is, music makes the day-to-day so much better. (It’s science.) For morning rituals like showering, which hopefully all you readers do on a regular basis, we put together some song suggestions to accompany your suds. Just don’t wake the neighbors.

9. Wake Owl — “Wild Country.” This is a good one to turn on if you’re still rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. Start your day off with this acoustic toe-tapper.

8. Lil Twist — “Erryday Freestyle.” Like most erryday activities, showering can be a drag… Justin Bieber’s boy Lil Twist will help keep it fresh.

7. Michael Jackson — “Dangerous.” An oldie but a goodie. Go ahead and dance as you shampoo. No one’s looking.

6. Jack White — “I’m Shakin’.” Now that you’re moving, this will keep the clean party a poppin'. This track’s so catchy that you might consider a repeat and a double rinse.

5. Adele — “Set Fire to the Rain.” We dare you to not sing along to Adele whenever she’s on. Add the “rain” shower metaphor… it’s unavoidable. Plus, in the shower, you sound just like her. Right?

4. Sleigh Bells — “Reign Of Terror (Diplo Remix).” The 8-bit synths in this song will make you feel like you’re in a Nintendo underwater universe. Why not scrub like Mario?

3. Fergie — “Feel Alive (feat. Pitbull and DJ Poet).” If the song was actually written about bathing, it couldn’t be more dead on.

2. Mac Miller — “Keep Floating (feat. Wiz Khalifa).” Maybe you’re coming down from a killer workout. Or maybe you’re just not that into a dance scene behind the shower curtain. Chill but cool. Mac Miller fits your niche.

1. The Neighborhood  — “Welcome to the Neighborhood.” More prep to inspire you to remember to get behind your ears. Oh, what the hell. Go ahead and wake the neighborhood!

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