AEG May Turn Michael's Shows Into Tribute Concert

July 1, 2009 By:
AEG May Turn Michael's Shows Into Tribute Concert

Concert Promoters for Michael Jackson’s This Is It Tour AEG are scrambling to save any of the money they put into the now-cancelled 50-show production.

The latest is that the company may turn the experience into a special tribute show to celebrate Jackson’s life. AEG President Randy Philips spoke with Britain’s Sky News and stated their desire to keep Michael’s spirit alive for the fans.

He told them: "At some point the world needs to see this production and I would imagine it could be done as a tribute with the family, with the brothers performing, some sisters, and the stars that were influenced by him.

"The world needs to see this production. It would have been, which is the tragedy here, one of the most amazing shows ever, so at some point we want the world to see that. We are discussing with the family so the sooner, the better."

AEG just doesn’t want to lose their money! But we do agree that a tribute concert on such a massive scale at a venue like the O2 Arena would sell tickets.

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