African Singer Sues Michael Jackson and Rihanna

February 3, 2009 By:
African Singer Sues Michael Jackson and Rihanna

This guy is just plain old greedy! African singer Manu Dibango is suing both Rihanna and Michael Jackson for allegedly stealing a hook from one of his songs.

The 75-year-old singer from the Republic of Cameroon, claims his 1972 song Soul Makossa was used by Jackson for his hit track Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, from his 1982 album Thriller. Um, hello?? Can someone remind this guy that it’s 2009. Just a mere 27 years later! Daddy needs some money to pay for a hip replacement!

The Associate Press says that Michael Jackson had reportedly reached a financial settlement with Dibango after accepting he used parts of the song. But now he’s after Rihanna too!

Last year, RiRi got permission from MJ to use that same melody on Please Don’t Stop the Music - but guess she forgot to ring up Dibango too!
According to court documents filed in Paris, France on Tuesday, Dibango is seeking $650,330 in damages. Not sure how he came up with that number!

His lawyers have also asked the courts to block record labels Sony BMG, EMI and Warner from receiving any income from the songs until courts settle the issue. French judges will decide on February 17th if Dibango’s case will be heard. Mama Say Mama Sa Mama Cu Sa!!!