Billy Jean Sues Michael Jackson

December 19, 2008 By:
Billy Jean Sues Michael Jackson

Wait, we thought Billy Jean was “not” Michael Jackson’s lover. But it seems a woman with the same name wants some compensation for allegedly being the mother Of Jacko’s son, Blanket.

Billy Jean Jackson filed a suit in LA on Wenesday, claiming she’s the mother of Prince Michael Jackson II, aka Blanket. Extra reports that the woman is also seeking joint legal and physical custody of the 6-year old child. But MJ claims Blanket is a product of artificial insemination.

And it doesn’t stop there! Of course, Billy Jean wants some money out of the deal, plus participation in Blanket’s education, and visiting him on the weekends. And by money, we mean she wants $1 billion.

Maybe Billy Jean should have filed this lawsuit when Michael Jackson actually had the money. Because unless she’s planning on settling on a sparkly glove or the gates to Neverland that are getting auctioned off, we think she’s sh*t outta luck! Michael Jackson definitely draws in the crazies!