Chris Brown and P.Diddy Pen Tribute Song for Michael

June 26, 2009 By:
Chris Brown and P.Diddy Pen Tribute Song for Michael

There has never been nor will there ever be an artist like Michael Jackson.

Everything from his beats, his rhythm, his soul and dance moves were original and can never be duplicated. The only artist that can be comparable to Michael Jackson was his ex wife’s father, the legendary Elvis Pressley.

Michael Jackson, The "King of Pop" paved the way for other artists like Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Usher, Kanye West and more.

Looking back on his popularity, it's difficult to imagine there was a time when his music was rejected from networks.

In 1982 when Michael Jackson came out with his album Thriller, he followed it up with a video for Billie Jean. The video was phenomenal and his producer and CBS Records presented it to MTV. Unfortunately, the network turned it down because they had never aired an African American musician's video before.

In an uproar, Walter Yetnikoff, the Chairman of CBS told MTV that if they didn't play Michael Jackson's videos, they wouldn't have access to any of CBS's videos.

Threatened by CBS Records, the network ultimately aired Billie Jean. From then on it didn't take long for the network to dub him the "King of Pop" and air videos from all different African American musicians.

Today, MTV is canceling all of its scheduled reality television shows and instead airing tributes and specials on Michael Jackson, including many of his videos making us reminisce of the days when MTV (Music Television) actually aired music videos.

After the tragic loss of the legendary music artist, the musicians that grew up watching Michael Jackson on MTV have come together and made a tribute song. The song Better on the Other Side features P. Diddy, The Game, Chris Brown, Polo, Mario Winans and Boyz II Men.

We must admit, the song is amazing and emotionally touching. Through this tribute song, the artists hope his legacy lives on. They also touch upon how Michael Jackson touched all of them and how they "are all Michael Jackson."

Here is a verse from the new song.

“This is a type of song that make the angels cry, look up to the sky and wonder why, Why had you go, I know its better on the other side...chosen from the star, never going to let you go.”

Check out the song below...