Fans Might Buy Neverland Ranch

March 11, 2008 By:
Fans Might Buy Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson might be off the hook! Two British businessman are set to launch a $30 million bid to buy Neverland Ranch to alleviate MJ's financial crisis.

He has about a week to come up with $25 million, or he faces losing the property to public auction. The two are huge fans of Michael, and got their start by copying his dance moves and "busking" on the streets of London.

Trusty wikipedia says busking is the act of doing live performances in public places to entertain people. New York has five-year-old break dancers, London has middle-aged man buskers.

The two said, "We really want to see Jacko back on his feet. If it wasn't for Michael's music and his fantastic dance routines, it is possible that we wouldn't be where we are today."