Glee: The Michael Jackson Episode Recap

February 2, 2012 By:
Glee: The Michael Jackson Episode Recap

Tuesday night was Michael Jackson night on Glee, which featured the boys, mostly, showing off their vocal chops and dancing skills to some awesome MJ classics. The episode was surprisingly absent of any Rachel Berry performances (thank goodness) and here are the song re-caps in no particular order.

During a performance of “Scream,” Artie played Michael and Mike Chang played Janet, I think, well you figure it out, basically it was as unsettling as you expect it to be. I mean, both dudes wore black guyliner, what is this, Greenday? Also, because it was a fantasy sequence, Artie got to ditch the wheelchair, so good for him.

The Warblers and New Directions have a sing-off (how unexpected?! Omigod a “sing-off” on Glee? STOP) to the song “Bad” and to me, the Warblers seem like the clear winners. At the end, Hot Warbler Boy #1 (Sebastian) throws a slurpee in Blaine Anderson’s face and Blaine falls to the floor writing in pain. C’mon man, it’s a slurpee, get it together.

Then New Directions sings “Black and White”, which was supposed to be extending the olive branch to the Warblers. Then the Warblers jump onstage and everyone sings together. Yay singing party in the auditorium, no cool kids allowed!

Sam and Mercedes sang “Human Nature” on guitar but it was slow and boring so I fast-forwarded it. Also, this song was supposed to signify the undying love these two have for each other, or something. Oh also, they kiss, so spoiler alert?

“Smooth Criminal” was another, surprise, sing-off between Santana and Sebastian of The Warblers. The couple sang it striped down accompanied by cellos and it was so cool! Also, hubba hubba Sebastian, were you a Burberry model in a past life?

Blaine leads the school in a performance of “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” proving that Blaine is just the best. There were one too many crotch grabs but we’ll let him get away with it, because he can pull off a rhinestone blazer almost as well as the original gloved one.