Michael's Final Rehearsal to be Released As an Album

June 29, 2009 By:
Michael's Final Rehearsal to be Released As an Album

Michael Jackson was knee-deep in rehearsals for his upcoming London shows when he suddenly passed. But luckily his last time on stage was captured on tape.

Michael’s final rehearsal at Staples Center on Wednesday night was recorded by his concert promoters, AEG. Now we hear they’re trying to make it into an album. The Daily Mail reports that AEG is looking to use the footage for a DVD and an album.

TheWrap.com also reports that an AEG official boasted over the weekend, "We have a live album in the can.”

The rehearsal, which went on for several hours, included dancers, musicians and aerial performers. Three people close to the production said it had been captured by multiple cameras, and the audio was digitally recorded in a manner that could be used to produce surround-sound DVD and audio products.

Randy Phillips, president and CEO of AEG Live says he will not comment on the story as of now.

We sure if this came to fruition, the album would sell like crazy. Everyone just wants some way to remember Michael. And this would be a perfect memento for his fans to remember their King of Pop.