Ne-Yo Was Collaborating With Michael Right Before His Death

June 29, 2009 By:
Ne-Yo Was Collaborating With Michael Right Before His Death

Prior to Michael Jackson’s death, Ne-Yo had had the honor of working on some new music with the King of Pop.

Hollyscoop caught up with Ne-Yo at the 22nd Annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards to talk about what it was like to work with such music royalty.

When asked about how he felt about not getting to complete his project with Michael to the fullest extent, he told Hollyscoop exclusively, “I mean I would have loved to see the album come out. I would have loved to finish that, but I feel that Michael Jackson has done enough music to basically live forever. He's an immortal human being. I was just happy to get the opportunity to work with him even for a second.”

Ne-Yo also told us that despite working with Michael, he hadn’t seen him in 6 months. In fact, Ne-Yo doesn’t even know if any of the written material he’d done for Michael was going to get used. He told us, “I don’t know. We were just kind of in the process of writing music.”

But looking towards the future, Ne-Yo says he’d like to be a part of a Michael Jackson tribute if one if planned, saying, “Absolutely.” As for his favorite Michael Jackson song, Ne-Yo said, “Lady of My Life.”

What’s your favorite MJ song of all time?