Thriller Music Video Co-star Sues Michael Jackson

May 5, 2009 By:
Thriller Music Video Co-star Sues Michael Jackson

This girl must be in need of some cash! Ola Ray, who starred in Michael Jackson’s 1983 Thriller music video, is suing him.

Ray claims she was never paid the royalties for her role in the legendary video.

Funny how it escaped her mind all these years until now while we’re conveniently in a recession! The video star and former Playboy model is suing for breach of contract because she never got her cut.

Who knows how much money she’s allegedly entitled to, but our guess is a lot! That’s one of the hugest music videos of all time, and is popular in pretty much every country in the world to this day. And now that there’s a reported Thriller musical coming out, she could make even more. Michael Jackson is going to be broke pretty soon if people keep suing him!