Michelle Williams Shuts Down All Beyoncé Pregnancy Rumors

January 13, 2015 By:
Michelle Williams Shuts Down All Beyoncé Pregnancy Rumors
Image By: Getty Images / Lawrence Lucier

Michelle Williams. Third member of Destiny's Child. Singer of that one gospel song "Say Yes". Star of PoorMichelle.com

Michelle is all of these things. We also learned yesterday that Michelle is also a truth teller. 

After much speculation from the Beyhive that Beyoncé is pregnant because of a certain Instagram picture, Michelle was quick to shut down all rumors. 

As a guest on "The View" yesterday, Michelle was asked about the Beyonce "baby bump" photo. She immediately shut down all claims - "You know, when she was pregnant people said that she wasn't pregnant and you know, it's just no truth to it."

Michelle argued that the baby bump was a lot lower than her stomach, and that it was just Blue Ivy building a sandcastle. "First of all, first of all, if you look at the picture, the baby bump is like where her knees probably really are. All these conclusions, just stop it, stop it, too many things."

What do you think? Does Michelle know what the heck she's talking about? Is Beyoncé actually pregnant?