Miley Cyrus in Studio with Pharrell and Tyler the Creator, But Why?

October 31, 2012 By:
Miley Cyrus in Studio with Pharrell and Tyler the Creator, But Why?

So much going on the Twitter picture Pharrell sent out to the universe this week.

In it, we have the hitmaking Neptune in the studio with Miley Cyrus (a development in her sound we already knew about), but surprise! Who’s this third party? What do you know…Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator suspiciously close to the hair he made fun of a couple months back, and Miley next to the face she countered back with.

For those who didn’t lose sleep over it (this is everyone), here’s what happened. Miley chopped/remixed her hair into a Skrillex song—an edge side buzz cut you can scope on the heads off 58% of the clientele at any L.A. Wasteland thrift store, girls and guys alike—on August 13. It’s all part of her continued quest to REBEL, REBEL, REBEL. Tyler the Creator, ever the provocateur on social media—with one of the most unfiltered Twitter accounts this side of Bret Easton Ellis’ infinity pool in West Hollywood—referenced her new hairstyle, writing, “Hey, I Wanna Do Something Different Today…Fuck Me Up Real Quick.” Miley, who ain’t no Hannah Montana anymore, fired back, “My ‘barber’ couldn’t even come close to the fuck job that is your face. PS your musics dope.” It was all entertaining for a good “checking my phone during a red light” four seconds.

Anyway, Pharrell has managed to exchange olive branches and, assumedly, make some sweet sounds in the studio. (Though for anyone who listens to OFWGKTA, they’re self-awarely hostile, so I’m sure it was more along the lines of Tyler finding her comeback funny and liking her that much more in the @-able instant.) A Once Upon A Time squeaky-clean Disney star dueting with an anarcho-rapper who has a song called “Bitch Suck Dick”? Commence Destruction of Hannah Montana, Phase 4.