Miley Cyrus was Robbed for a Third Time

January 9, 2015 By:
Miley Cyrus was Robbed for a Third Time
Image By: Getty Images / Luca Teuchmann

Poor Miley Cyrus.

It must suck to be rich and famous (We're not being sarcastic this time).

Miley's Los Angeles home has been robbed for the third time.

The first incident happened in June 2013, the second happened a few months later in November, and now we just found out that a third burglary took place in December 2014.

A man named Rusty Edward Seliner has been charged with "felony first-degree residential burglary" and "receiving stolen property and grand theft." Police are not sure how Rusty got into Miley's home, but they know he stole a large amount of Miley and her brother's personal property, including her bank card.

Meanwhile… Miley is recuperating like this:


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