5 Trends Going from Rad to Fad

February 21, 2014 By:
5 Trends Going from Rad to Fad

These days, trends move through their lifecycles faster than ever. Heck, "trending" is even a word now. Here are five trends that are well on their way to being considered fads. 


808 Kicks - A kick drum that's also a bass? Heck yeah. Although the sound has been around for years, recently it has been rinsed like yesterday's dishes in every style from EDM to hip-hop to pop. It's still pretty effective, but one thing we can trust our culture to do is beat a dead horse until there's nothing left but mushy, pulpy remains. The end is near for 808 kicks. It's been a good run.

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Miley Cyrus - This is more wishful thinking than anything else. A human being has never been shoved down society's throat as aggressively as young Miley. The weirdest part is that a 21-year-old acting like an idiot isn't really news, but we're somehow expected to be outraged every time she reminds us that she has a vagina. 



Girls with Skrillex Hair: Dating a girl with Skrillex hair is fun because it's like dating two girls at once. But that's the same thing they used to say about schizophrenia. There's a even a blog all about it. Check out girlsthatlooklikeskrillex.tumblr.com.



Hip-Hop Producers Trying to Rap: Ever since Kanye stepped out of the studio and in to the limelight, every hip-hop producer thinks they can be a star. Here's a hint: stuffing a track with your famous rapper friends and (c)rapping your way through eight bars of a beat you couldn't sell to anyone is not gonna put you over, homie. 

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Drops - Remember the first time you heard a drop? The heart-racing excitement of a huge build-up before the bodyshaking release that comes after? It wasn't quite the same the 10,000th time, was it? What used to be one of the most viscerally moving aspects of EDM now just comes off like lazy, cheeseball "songwriting." Where's the drop, bro?! Perhaps this is best described through a video: