Chart Battle: Miley Cyrus vs. Whitney Houston

August 27, 2009 By:
Chart Battle: Miley Cyrus vs. Whitney Houston

Miley Cyrus and Whitney Houston are going to battle it out in the charts soon.

Both Cyrus and Houston are set to release their albums on the same day in America and go head-to-head on the charts. Who's going to win?

Miley Cyrus is obviously not afraid of a little competition, unlike Mariah Carey who is reportedly worried about Whitney Houston's comeback.

Sources have said that Mariah Carey is working extra hard on her upcoming album because she’s “getting very nervous now that Whitney Houston is coming back.”

Miley Cyrus has nothing to worry about when it comes to Whitney Houston. Both have a very different fan base so we don't see it affecting their album sales. Mariah on the hand is a different story.