Miley Cyrus Attacked On Stage By Fan

June 24, 2011 By:
Miley Cyrus Attacked On Stage By Fan

There’s a fan uprising y’all. Yesterday Justin Bieber was attacked by a well, undercover cop, and now some fangirl jumped onstage at Miley Cyrus’ Melbourne, Australia concert last night and literally ran headfirst at the singer.

Miley was standing at the end of the catwalk during her performance of “The Climb,” when some overzealous fan starts running from the back of the stage, charges all the way down the catwalk, and stops to hug the singer before the girl is tackled to the ground by a fast acting member of Miley’s security team.

The security guard then pushed the girl back into the audience, mind you the stage is high off the ground, so he kind of just shoves this little girl over the edge as we hear Miley yell into the mic, “Oh my god.”

The security guard then grabs Miley and rushes her offstage as she yells “oh my god,” again.

What is with these crazed young superfans? Was she doing lines of pixie sticks during the show and thought it would be a good idea to rush the stage?