Miley Cyrus: Being Justin Bieber is Easy

June 24, 2011 By:
Miley Cyrus: Being Justin Bieber is Easy

Miley Cyrus says being Justin Beiber is “easy.”

In March, Cyrus did an impression of Bieber on SNL, it was a decent impression of the pop star but Cyrus thinks she nailed it, “[Bieber’s] got an easy job, it’s easy to look cute with the little hair and the baggy pants.”

She tells Australian show, The Dirt, “I had so much fun doing that [SNL]. Justin Bieber was so much fun and when I was rehearsing I was like ‘I’m kinda nervous,’ I didn’t think I was good at it and then I got the wig on and put the clothes on and I was like ‘being Justin Bieber is easy!’”

However, the former Disney star doesn’t think Bieber could do a Miley impression justice, “I don’t think he could do it. He’d have to work on getting his voice deep enough. It’s easy for me to get my voice higher.” Oh no she didn’t!

Give him a year and he’ll get his voice deeper, he may not have a singing career anymore with that deeper voice but dammit he’ll be able to do a good Miley Cyrus impression!

Although Cyrus claims that Bieber has it easy, she says her friends say she has an 8-year-olds dream job, “I hold a mike and dance and sing and that’s my job.”

When she wasn’t talking about Bieber, Cyrus tells the interview that her boyfriend’s family is coming to see her show and that she’s nervous for Liam Hemsworth’s parents seeing her perform, “I can’t have someone’s mom in the front row. I’m really nervous about it. I’m going to be right in front of them in my Can’t Be Tamed outfit.”