Miley Cyrus Gives Back

April 9, 2008 By:
Miley Cyrus Gives Back

Miley Cyrus is taking on the world and helping it at the same time. The teen queen will be making her appearance on the hit TV show “American Idol” for “Idol Gives Back”. Miley will perform on stage which you can catch tonight at 7:30pm ET/PT on FOX.

Hollyscoop was backstage during the show taping this past Sunday where we caught up with Miley and asked her how youngsters can donate who don’t necessarily have the financial means.

Miley said, “I think that whether it’s a penny a dollar, if it’s anything it’s a penny more than they had before and not only does money help but…there are so many kids out there that are just walking around alone, and they would really just like someone there, so whether its your time (or money) no matter what you give it will be greatly appreciated”.

Miley also addressed how poverty exist in America as well the rest of the world. “My parents are from Kentucky, so I’ve seen that my whole life and I never got to go there and actually show the world what’s there, I think some people are like you know it’s America that doesn’t exist, but it does it does exist here and its great that we’re helping other countries.

I think that’s so cool but again if it’s about the money or whatever you don’t have money or time to do that kind of stuff, its so easy to help here, I mean if you go to downtown LA you see that kind of stuff, so you don’t have to travel all around the world you can see it in your own town”.

With all this American Idol talk we had to know if Miley tivo’s the hit TV show. Miley said, “The Funny thing is I’m here and I’m so excited to be here but I’ve never seen an episode, I think its one of those things that you really need to get into.”

What’s next for Miley? She’s off to Nashville at the end of the week to begin filming the “Hannah Montana” movie.