Miley Cyrus Releases Song for 'Free The Nipple'

December 16, 2014 By:
Miley Cyrus Releases Song for 'Free The Nipple'
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Miley Cyrus is all about "freeing the nipple".

Countless times this year, she's thrown her top off and posed for photos. This time, she takes it one step further by actually supporting a real campaign called "Free The Nipple". 

"Free The Nipple" is an equality movement to promote women's equal right to go topless in public -- a right that men have always had. Filmmaker Lina Esco directed a movie about the campaign to bring awareness to the criminalization of female toplessness. The film has been selected by Sundance, and picked up by WTFilms for distribution.

To join the cause, Miley has lent her vocals. She covered a very raw version of "Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma" for the film. 

Are you feelin' Miley's cover? Getting interested in the film and the movement?

Watch the trailer for "Free The Nipple" here: