Is Miley Done With Hannah Montana?

July 29, 2008 By:
Is Miley Done With Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is what skyrocketed Miley Cyrus to super stardom, but she may be leaving the show in the dust.

The show is ready to begin its third season next month, but Miley feels she's ready to move on.

She says, "It seems like it's been on, like, longer. I just think we did a lot of episodes. We basically did two seasons in one season last year. Usually people would do one season that would be, like, 16 episodes, and we did almost 30 episodes!"

In an interview with E! News that will air tonight, Miley says, "We're thinking this is our last season."

But that doesn't mean Miley is over Disney. She says, "I'm still with my family. You know, they're safe. They always feel like home, and that's what I love about the company. They are family."

Guess we'll find out pretty quickly what Miley's decision is. Do you think she should stay for another season, or pack up and move on to bigger and better things?