Miley Fans Wait 36 Hours for Free Concert

August 28, 2009 By:
Miley Fans Wait 36 Hours for Free Concert

Miley Cyrus was stunned to find out her fans waited 36 hours in the rain to see her in concert because she would never do that.

Fans lined up and waited for over a day to see her perform a free concert in New York City Friday the rain! Talk about devotion.

When Miley arrived she was surprised by the turnout because she would only wait that long for a true rock n roll legend.

She says, "It would have to be someone that I could never have the opportunity (to see) again, like an Elvis." But Cyrus has more modern music heroes too, adding: "Or Chris Martin - before I met him I would probably have done some crazy things."

What Miley probably doesn't realize is that for her teenage fans, she's bigger than Elvis. Some of these teeny boppers would wait a week to get a glimpse of Miley or the Jonas Brothers.

It's cute that she doesn't realize her star power though, she seems pretty grounded for being one of the biggest teen stars in the world.