Miley Starts Feud with Nicki Minaj Over 'Anaconda' Cover Photo

August 11, 2014 By:
Miley Starts Feud with Nicki Minaj Over 'Anaconda' Cover Photo
Image By: Michael Zorn

So a few weeks back, Nicki made jaws drop across the world wide web when she revealed a very sexy, very NSFW cover photo for her forthcoming track "Anaconda." Wearing just a pink sports bra, blue Jordans, and a tiny pink G-string, Nicki flaunted her bodacious bod with ZERO shame.

"Anaconda" was released last week, and samples Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back." The booty bounce track climbed its way up to #1 on the iTunes singles chart quickly. 

With all the hype surrounding "Anaconda," of course Miley had to get involved!

She posted this kind-of-hilarious photo on Instagram yesterday:

Nicki didn't seem to be too flattered by the Miley-photoshopped-onto-Nicki's-body picture. She regrammed Miley's photo onto her own Instagram, with the caption "Give me one good reason why Miley made this her twitter avi. #AnacondaOniTunes"

And Miley didn't stop there… she then posted an even more hilarious photoshopped photo:

Nicki responded by regramming once again with the caption "No chill ZONE!!!!"

Of course, Miley HAD to get the last laugh, so she posted one last photo:

I guess Miley wants to show the world her #ANACONDA?


Is Miley just being a goofball? Is Miley just being Miley? Should Nicki just laugh it off? Did you think the photos were as hilarious as we did? Let us know in the comments section.