Ridiculous Things Artists Do On-Stage at Concerts

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Ridiculous Things Artists Do On-Stage at Concerts
Image By: Neil H Kitson

Concerts are a way to escape reality, like a ticket to another world where you can forget all your worries and just dance your little heart out. Up on the stage, the artist's job is to give you a damn good performance—one that's worth your money. Some musicians go above and beyond, however, and give some pretty absurd acts for the sake of the show.

Peep some of the most ridiculous things musicians have done on-stage at concerts:



The Verge

Kesha loves spending time with her family, especially on tour. At concerts, her little brother dances around in a tiger costume, her mom dresses up as an inflatable penis, and her older brother films the whole thing.


Steve Aoki

Juice Online

Don't wear anything you cherish to one of Steve Aoki's shows. You will get hit with cakes and surfed on by inflatable rafts. It's gonna get messy.


Odd Future


These hooligans' concerts get out-of-hand. With moshpits, crowd surfing, and arms flailing everywhere, someone is bound to get hurt. One eager 17-year-old fan hopped on the stage at a show in San Antonio and got jumped by the OF crew. Yikes.


Major Lazer

Village Voice

"Daggering" is a dance from Jamaica that incorporates dry sex and wrestling. The dance form is now banned in Jamaica for its sexual content. Major Lazer's Skerrit Bwoy is known to jump off ladders onto a lady, and "dagger" her on-stage.


Miley Cyrus


Miley is known for her crazy shenanigans, and her antics on her Bangerz tour have raised a few eyebrows. At her concerts, she rides around inflatable penises, sings about LSD, spits on her audience, and makes out with fans and celebrities like Katy Perry.


Lady Gaga


Mama Monster is also known to get wild at her shows. In the past, Gaga got nearly naked and crowd-surfed as well as flashed her breasts to her fans mid-concert. At this year's SXSW, she took it one step further and hired someone to puke green slime all over her.


Danny Brown

Pot Holes In My Blog

Danny Brown's rap lyrics are raunchy and explicit, and one fan took the lyrics too literally by hopping on the stage during a concert in Minneapolis and performing oral sex on the rapper. Whoa.