Watch Miley Sex it Up in New Video

May 5, 2010 By:
Watch Miley Sex it Up in New Video

Miley Cyrus can’t be tamed!! And she’s making it pretty clear of that in her latest music video. E! premiered the new music video for the song “Can’t Be Tamed” today, which people are calling the “next step in the evolution of Miley.”

Long gone are the days of “Party in the U.S. A.,” and uh, Hannah Montana who??? Miley takes on the persona of a rare peacock with a massive wingspan and a $25,000 corset.

The silver-scale corset and dress made from 2,400 metal pieces and peacock feathers was designed by The Blonds and debuted in their fall 2010 fashion show.

This is definitely a new side of her! Is she sure about quitting music for movies? With this latest video, she may want to rethink that decision!

Check out the video below.