Who is This Guy Miley Cyrus is Kissing at the USC Game?

November 14, 2014 By:
Who is This Guy Miley Cyrus is Kissing at the USC Game?
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Since Miley's public breakup with ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth, she's kept her love life pretty low-key. We heard some rumors back in July that she may be dating her producer Mike WiLL. Nothing was confirmed and we think those rumors were just that. Rumors.

We now have solid evidence that Miley is back playing the field. Last night, she was photographed mackin' on some dude at the USC Trojans game!

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"Oh wait, gotta check my Twitter."

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So who the eff is this guy who's got Miley going all PDA and shit?

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His name's Patrick SCHWARZENEGGER. Yep, his dad is Arnold Schwarzenegger, ex-Terminator and ex-California governor. 

So how did he pop up into Miley's life all of a sudden???

According to several sources, Miley and Patrick went on a few dates in 2011 but things didn't work out. They tried again this year and even hung out on Halloween!

Oh, and here's some more photos of them leaving a hotel? Or more likely, someone's house together.

What do we make of it?

We're into it. Look at how happy Miley is.