YouTube All-Stars: Live ‘Wrecking Ball’ Parody Inspires Chatroulette Congregation

November 26, 2013 By:

We know, we know… Not another “Wrecking Ball” parody, right? We’re with you there, but trust us. This one takes the double-frosted, dancing teddy bear cake.

Steve Kardynal, a man incapable of shame, has taken to Chatroulette to communicate his gospel of inappropriate behavior. People lucky enough to stumble upon Mr. Kardynal’s feed were treated to a full-grown, somewhat wooly-bodied individual reenacting Miley Cyrus’ video using only a red pleather couch, a Home Depot sledgehammer, some rope and a yoga ball. Why is this happening? Don't ask. One thing’s for sure, though: based on this video, Kardynal probably loves himself as much as he loves Miley.

(Side note: who are all these normal-looking people going on Chatroulette still?)

If you like smiling, watch the perfect madness below: