Exclusive: Get To Know Misterwives

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Exclusive: Get To Know Misterwives

Misterwives is not a band you'll be able to ignore. The boisterous NYC-based power pop trio (sometimes quintet) came out of the gates with some blistering heat as their debut EP "Reflections" reached #12 on the Bilboard "Next Big Sound" charts last month. Take one listen to the title track and you'll see what all the fuss is about. "Reflections" is an undeniable pop ditty with some latent disco vibes coming through. Lead singer Mandy Lee's sparkling voice and thoughtful lyrics are front-and-center. It's a whole party crammed into three minutes.

It's obvious from the outset that Misterwives are set to bring some real effervescence to the indie-pop scene as they gear up for a national tour with The Mowgli's. Stereotude managed to get a few words in with them before they blow up and they're a really fun bunch. Things got weird real quick:

Please rank the following creatures in terms of favorite: zombies, dinosaurs, octopi, lobsters, and polar bears.

Mandy:  Woah! You just blew my mind. Um, lobsters are the least favorite. I do love all animals, but they don't seem like they'd be friendly.

Will: They're technically immortal!

Mandy: Elephants are my favorite, they're my spirit animal. The dinosaur is Will's spirit animal and the Octopus is Etienne's…

Etienne: Being the drummer, an octopus is an easy spirit animal to have. 

We hear Octopi are really intelligent…

Mandy: Yeah, it's nuts how intelligent octopi are! Etienne is not as intelligent, obviously…but it's a close call between Elephants, for me, I had really big ears as a kid and everybody called me dumbo, and Zombies. I'm really looking forward to a zombie apocalypse…so maybe zombie elephants win. 

If your band had an OKCupid profile, what would the opening line be?

Mandy: Well, we do have OKCupid profiles. That's how we all met! It would be "We are dinosaurs, elephants, zombies and octopi practicing polygamy."

Speaking of polygamy, I heard that you pissed off some mormons. 

Mandy: Yeah! Because our name is 'Misterwives,' I guess, to them, it is insulting because they have a term called 'sisterwives' where the man marries multiple women and they all become friends. We reversed the gender roles in that situation…It's like I married all these guys (in the band) and we all became friends. 

They're an easy people to insult, apparently...

Mandy: Yeah! We noticed that. We actually cancelled our show in Utah. We said it was because of a really bad snowstorm, but we were actually just scared to get tomatoes thrown at us!

Etienne: No, it was actually because of the snowstorm! Good gosh. 

Every time I turn around, it seems you guys have a new member. 

Mandy: That's just how it started…it started off as the three of us and we added Mark and Jesse. The more the merrier! We love all instruments and adding great people to the mix. That's what Misterwives is all about. I keep marrying so many men. I have to stop it.

Are you guys all vegans?

Mandy: I am a full vegan, for six-and-a-half years. Will and Etienne and Jesse are all vegetarians but I am the primary cook in the house so usually everybody eats vegan.

Etienne: I'm a pizza-terian. Vegan with the exception of pizza. 

You guys all live in the same house?

Mandy: The three of us do.

Who's the messiest?

Will: I am. 

Mandy:  Will is! The house is beautiful and i'm kind of a neatfreak and mom of the band, but then you walk into Will's room and you're like "what the fuck kind of animal lives in this room?" 

What were your first shows like? Did you hit the ground running?

Etienne: The first show with all five of us was at the Canal Room, which just closed. 

Mandy: It was an awesome show. From there, things just kept growing and growing. We knew that this was what we wanted to do and we were going full-force trying to do it independently, but we met our management that night and they really came behind us at that show.

Mandy, what was the worst thing about being a waitress?

Mandy: I could be here all day! It was awesome because any restaurant I've ever worked in was vegan and getting to support what you believe in is cool. But then there are also people who aren't nice…On the upper westside, people are so wealthy there and sometimes they treat you like you're beneath the cockroaches. I have to say, it's shocking how horrid people can be to other people. 

You'd think that the kind of people that go to vegan restaurants, who have geared their lives to being compassionate towards living things, would also be compassionate towards their server…

Mandy: That's what I would say! There would be people who were there for veganism, who were amazing. But there would also be some people there as part of some diet trend and be like, "Is this calorie free?" and I'm like 'No! it's food!"  Being a waitress in NYC has definitely made me have thicker skin. 

Describe your music to me with only words beginning with 'G'

Will: Good golly, gigantic.

Etienne: Glorious

Mandy: It's glittery!

Etienne: Gargantuan…No, that's too much like 'gigantic'

Mandy: Great? No, that's too easy

Etienne: Google-able

Mandy: Grounded! Glittery and grounded…and god-like and green...cuz' we're vegan.

Check out the track "Reflections" below. You can thank us later!

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