FYI: Motley Phew!, Bye Bye Bieber?

January 29, 2014 By:
FYI: Motley Phew!, Bye Bye Bieber?

It's turning out to be quite the eventful week in the world of music. Here at Stereotude, we keep our ears to the ground and our eyes peeled for the most relevant, weird, and wacky news from around the web. Check it out, This is FYI:

Motley Phew!:  The L.A. glam rock pioneers signed a "cessation of touring agreement" in a Hollywood hotel on Tuesday, permanently dissolving the band's arrangement. Someone has to tell your Uncle Jimmy that the party is now officially over, and that, no, you will never call him your 'Funcle.' (Via CNN)

Kanye Pays Up: West has (allegedly) paid $250,000 to the kid he (allegedly) punched in the face after the assailant (allegedly) hurled abuse at fiancée Kim Kardashian a couple of weeks ago. This might be the only time 'Ye comes off as hard-done-by. Stereotude fully supports said punching of face. (Via Idolator)

MTV Unhinged: Back in the day, MTV: Unplugged was a vehicle for stripped back, emotional performances by acts like Nirvana and Oasis. Last night, Miley Cyrus twerked with a little person and spanked a rapidly disintegrating (mentally and physically) Madonna. All reports from the event make use of the words "gross" and "off-putting". Business as usual. (Via Uproxx)

General Hipster News: Shoegaze pioneers Slowdive are teasing the possibility of a new album after announcing some festival dates this summer. Also, ex-Soul Coughing frontman Mike Doughty has effectively urinated on the grave of Elliott Smith by turning a capellas he found of the reluctant star into very shitty techno tracks. Boo!

Bye Bye Bieber?: A petition to deport Justin Bieber sent to the White House now has 60,000 signatures. A similar petition in Canada to keep Bieber in America now has 1.2 million signatures. That second statement might be false. (Via Uproxx)