MTV To Launch Music Social Network

August 17, 2012 By:
MTV To Launch Music Social Network

No one shed many tears over the exodus of users from Myspace to Facebook and Twitter (actually, no one except Tom), but MTV is looking to fill a void left by Myspace’s decline, anyway. They’re planning to launch Artists.MTV, an online hub for musicians to connect with their fans, much like the Myspace music pages do.

MTV announced the network at SXSW in March, and a beta version was released to a limited number of fans and artists over the summer, and are planning mobile apps to coincide with the full launch of the site.

"This is a platform to empower artists, to help them get heard, get promoted and get paid," Shannon Connolly, VP of Digital Music Strategy for MTV Music Group, told TheWrap. "We're creating a way for any artist to be in business with us directly and connect with the MTV audience."

MTV has already set up pages for millions of artists, who can choose to take a hand in how their page is run or leave it up to MTV’s computers: the beauty of the profiles is that they can basically run themselves. The revenue from ads on Artists.MTV will be shared between MTV and the artists, and the pages can be linked to tons of other social media and music sites, like Twitter and Stereogum. And it’s not limited to established artists: anyone can start an artist page, so long as they have some tunes.

It’s a comforting move back to music from an MTV that’s come to rely on crappy reality shows in recent years—let’s hope the platform is as fantastic as it sounds!