Muse Goes Dubstep, and Lots of Fans Wonder Why

July 30, 2012 By:

When you think of a way to describe Muse, dubstep is not one of the first genres that comes to mind. Prog Rock, yes, spacey, sure, but wub wub wub? Not really.

But Matt Bellamy and the rest of the boys are about to beg to differ—they’ve described their next album, titled The 2nd Law, as being inspired by Skrillex and Justice.

The album trailer, uploaded to YouTube earlier this month, has received comments like “this is what happens when bands do drugs” and “what the shit is with this wub wub trash,” but it’s also garnered plenty of likes.

And though changing your sound completely pretty late in your career can either be brilliant or suicidal, the trailer and Muse’s song for the Olympics, “Survival” (also to be on The 2nd Law) don’t sound too bad at all.

As they said in an interview with NME, "We created something that was dubsteppy but we wanted to see if we could do it with real instruments. We wanted to ask,'Can rock bands compete with what these guys are doing?’” For them and the dignity of songs like “Absolution” and “Supermassive Black Hole” I really hope they can.

The 2nd Law is out September 18th, but you can check out their album trailer and single on YouTube!