Lupe Fiasco and Bill O'Reilly Go Head-to-Head for Terrorist Comment

June 21, 2011 By:

Lupe Fiasco got into a verbal sparring match with Bill O’Reilly on “The O’Reilly Factor” over whether or not Lupe called President Obama a terrorist.

The conservative political pundit interrogated the outspoken rapper about how he labeled Obama as “the biggest terrorist” on his recent controversial CBS News interview. The results were awkward.

O’Reilly got the interview started with this quip, “We’re used to irresponsible statements form rappers, but this is just over the top.” Grand stereotypes aside, Lupe attempts to hold his own in O’Reilly’s conservative court.

Lupe first started by explaining that O’Reilly was oversimplifying his statement and taking it out of context. Lupe claims he made the comment in the context of explaining a song he wrote where he disagrees with America’s position in the war on terror.

“The statement that I made, which was ‘I believe that the biggest terrorist, Obama and the United States of America and its foreign policy’ that was the whole context of everything. It’s really just an expression of me trying to understand critically, the society.”

O’Reilly rebuttals that you can’t say things like that as music artists with such young and impressionable fan bases. O’Reilly scolds, “You are over-simplifying and bringing a message to people, younger people, as I pointed out, who admire you, that is a message that is not true.“

The two went at it for 5 tense minutes.

Bill O’Reilly traditionally takes offense to rappers music and statements. He previously took issue with Jadakiss for “slandering George W. Bush.” He also had a problem with the content of Ludacris and Akon’s music.

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