Skylar Grey's Teaser Track 'Dance Without You' Available for Download

June 7, 2011 By:
Skylar Grey's Teaser Track 'Dance Without You' Available for Download

Singer/songwriter Skylar Grey has a new single coming out, and you can get a free early copy for 48 hours only.

Via her website, Gray is providing a free download to her song, which will come out Tuesday. Grey earned her place in pop music when she wrote Eminem’s Love The Way You Lie and lent her vocals to Dr. Dre’s I Need a Doctor, which she performed at the 2011 Grammys.

Grey told Hollyscoop:

“I’m putting out a single on Tuesday, a free download for “Dance without You”, you can get that at, and I have an official single coming out at the end of June called Invisible, and I’m doing a radio kind of promo tour for that and then playing Lollapalooza and the album in the fall.”

After taking a deep breath, Grey told us, “It’s been crazy ever since the Grammy performance and the success of all these songs that I wrote and was featured all in this past year.”

Her solo career is expected to take off quickly, especially once she reveals details of her secret collaboration.

“I’m not telling who it is yet,” she told Hollyscoop. And when we inquired if it was Lady Gaga, she told us, “No, but it’s on my album. It’s the only feature on my album.”