B.O.B. "High Life" Music Video

August 17, 2011 By:

B.o.B, famous for his singles “Airplanes” and “Nothin’ On You,” has just released a new single and video called “High Life.” The rapper has been noticeably absent from airwaves lately, this new single is supposedly off his upcoming unnamed mixtape.

B.o.B (or Bob, as I affectionately like to call him) filmed this video in Singapore while on his Asian tour and the video and song is supposed to be a braggadocio track about having more money than everyone else. The only problem: the video looks like it was made with a flip cam and there are only three official camera set-ups: B.o.B in a pool surrounded by girls, B.o.B rapping and surrounded by the same girls, and B.o.B standing in front of tall buildings.

Also noticeably absent from a song called “High Life” is anyone getting high. C’mon man, where are you blowing smoke rings in slow motion? I always look forward to that in videos, smoke rings, that is.

So, B.o.B makes a lot of serious claims in this rap, “I’m living a dream,” “My checks worth more than your net worth,” yada yada, but there are some more cryptic lyrics in this song that don’t seem to make any sense at all, but I think he’s trying to brag.

Let’s break down these lyrics, shall we?

He says:

“I just keep banging verses and rocking your mama’s braces” Translation: He’s having sex with your mom, she also has braces. How old is your mom?

“What you blazing a week, that’s what I start my day with” Translation: He smokes as much in one morning as you smoke in an entire week.

“I got a network about the size of the next earth” Translation: If there were another earth, its population would be equal to the number of friends that B.o.B’s has. Meaning, he knows a lot of people.

“I’m globetrotting from sun up to sun down. But still I’m straight.” Translation: He travels the world in the daytime. Everyday. He’s also still straight. How are those related B.o.B?

“I turn crabs in a bucket to a buffet.” Translation: He knows how to cook crab meat. Correction, he knows how to cook A LOT of crab meat.