Common Releases New Single "Blue Sky"

October 6, 2011 By:
Common Releases New Single

Common just dropped his new single "Blue Sky" off his upcoming ninth studio album "The Dreamer, The Believer."

He is supposed to be filming the official video tomorrow, but for now has released a lyric video. This new track was produced by No.ID who also produced all of Common's early albums in the 90's. No.ID has produced songs for everyone from Jay-Z to Rihanna to Drake.

"Blue Sky" samples from Electric Light Orchestra's "Mr. Blue Sky" and the song has a very Kanye West inspired flow in this "the sky's the limit" type of track.

He raps "A story of change that came with wings/ Pretty as the skyline/the sky is my eye line" and also, "Young fresh with dollars/ladies go gaga/I'm the cum lauda/top of the class/Black Wall Street so my stock will never crash."

This song is simultaneously braggadocio and up-lifting. Common recently did an interview with Power 106 where he describes this new song as "the essence of hip hop, but with a new sound...It's that good hip-hop, that good music."

Common is one of those guys that can do everything. While other rappers talk about how they are "running this game" or whatever lingo they use to describe being awesome, Common actually does it.

He took a bit of a hiatus from music lately so he can act, model, write a book and stop by the White House. Just business as usually for the multi-talented artist. He starred opposite Queen Latifah in "Just Wright" and will appear in the upcoming AMC series, "Hell on Wheels" a new series premiering November 6 about the building of the transcontinental railroad where he plays a freed slave.

Oh, he was also invited to the White House in May by Michelle Obama herself to appear at a poetry reading. However he got flack for it from conservative political pundits who said he was too edgy. No matter, because Common was too busy writing his first memoir, "One Day It'll All Make Sense," which he released in September.

Did I mention that he modeled for The Gap in 2006? Yah, it would be a waste of that face if he didn't dabble in print work at some point.

Of all his different career paths he said, "[I'm just] trying to work and get nice things out there." Awww.