David Guetta Music Video for "Where Them Girls At" Featuring Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida

June 28, 2011 By:
David Guetta Music Video for

Remember when David Guetta was that DJ that your friend who went to France for a summer introduced you to? Now the French house music enthusiast is earning his swag stripes by doing music videos with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj.

The video for “Where Them Girls At” featuring Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj is the first single from Guetta’s 5th studio album, Nothing But the Beat, set to be released August 30.

The video features Guetta sending out giant bubbles all across LA to infect hot women with his contagious beat. When these hot girls pop the bubbles they start acting like they are possessed and eventually accumulate on a rooftop party with Guetta himself.  

Flo Rida hangs out poolside, ogling women and rapping about ogling women.

Halfway through the infectious song Nicki Minaj does her thing and by thing, I mean opens her eyes real wide and raps like a bi-polar Barbie doll did some lines of coke. Towards the end of the song, Nicki sings “where my girls at” and sounds eerily like Rihanna.

The song has the potential to be a summer anthem or at the very least, some club rat song you can bounce up and down to and when the chorus says “Where Them Girls At” you and your girlfriends can lip sync and point at each other and giggle.