Drake: "Miss Me" Music Video

August 20, 2010 By:

Drake debuted his latest music video for “Miss Me” today, featuring Lil Wayne. Drake said in a statement:

"'Miss Me,' it was something I was so excited to do. It was something not a lot of people expected me to do, especially with Wayne being in the situation he's in. We did it as a team, held Wayne down. All the Young Money big dawgs came down — the men of Young Money — to show the muscle, to show we still in full effect. It's a great piece.

"It's darker than the feel of the song. It's got very much like a youth-in-revolt, rebellious feel to it. I wanted to be aggressive, man. That was my chance to flex my little 'We did it. We're still here. Young Money is still in demand.' And to deliver a message that I feel very strong about. I'm not trying to be the best in the world. I don't think that's possible. There's always somebody better than you. I just hope they miss me, man. So this is it. 'Miss Me.' "

Check out the video below!

Drake "Miss Me" from John W on Vimeo.