Eminem and Lil Wayne: "No Love" Music Video

September 30, 2010 By:
Eminem and Lil Wayne:

Eminem and Lil Wayne have just debuted their brand new music video for the song “No Love.”

It’s their second collaboration together—the first was “Drop The World” off of Weezy’s Rebirth. The duo's new single is off Em's Recovery album which is currently dominating the sales charts.

Eminem recently talked of Weezy in an interview saying, "I've always respected what Wayne does. Wayne to me is definitely one of the greatest in the game right now."

He returned the compliment, saying, "Em is him, and he's back in a major way," he told Funkmaster Flex, on a call from prison. "He's a great dude. He's been keeping up with me since I've been in here, and I appreciate his support."

Maybe the preison guards at Riker’s Island will be nice enough to show Lil Wayne his latest piece of art!

The song is set to be released October 5. Check out the preview below…full video to come.