Levi Johnston Stars in Brittany Senser "After Love" Music Video

October 4, 2010 By:
Levi Johnston Stars in Brittany Senser

Levi Johnston has finally gotten his big break! Bristol Palin’s baby daddy stars in a new music video for the song “After Love” by Brittani Senser.

We don’t know what’s worse—her voice or his acting skills. This is the video that he reportedly made mocking the Palins. We don’t really see the comparison, until the part when the mother serves him with a restraining order.

Senser denies the video is about the Palins. "Whatever the reason Levi and Bristol broke up, it has nothing to do with the video,” she told Celebuzz. “The video hadn't been shot when [Bristol] thought it already had been. I feel bad if anybody feels like that was the reason."

We feel bad we sat through this video! It’s so bad you can’t help but watch the whole thing! Check it out below.

Brittani Senser After Love
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