Lil Wayne Remixes and Raps on Joe Jonas Single, "Just in Love"

October 3, 2011 By:
Lil Wayne Remixes and Raps on Joe Jonas Single,

Yeah, I'm surprised too. In world's-most-random-collaboration ever, the former purity ring toting squeaky-clean Joe Jonas has teamed up with Lil Wayne, aka Mr. Sizzurp aka Mr. tattoos on his own face.

Joe originally released the song "Just In Love" as his second single to his debut album, Fast Life. Now Lil Wayne has lent his lyrical skills to a verse on the song for the official remix. Let's just say, Lil Wayne went as hard as he could on a Joe Jonas song.

The intro to the song stays about the same to the original track, except Lil Wayne screams "Young moula baby" and then "I'm just in love with you baby," which is as unsettling to hear over Joe's boy-bander crooning as you'd expect it to be.

Wayne raps about being in love, which is not his best side. He raps, "I'm a prisoner of love/ got my heart on lock/ She look like a butterfly/ smell like a flower," which is not even a compliment. Who wants to look like a butterfly? Damn girl, I like them wings?

Anyways, Joe was just as surprised as you are right now that Weezy agreed to do the remix. Joe tells Ryan Seacrest how he came to know Lil Wayne, "We met him three years ago when Russell Brand hosted the VMA's. For the first time I walked up to him and I didn't think he would know who I was. We were walking up to Lil Wayne and just saying, 'Hello, Lil Wayne. Nice to meet you. I'm Joe Jonas,' and he was like 'JONASS!!!' And he gives me the biggest bro hug and I was shocked that he even knew who I was."

Let's be real, Lil Wayne was drunk when that happened.

So then Joe used it as an opportunity to pitch his ideas to Wayne. "I said to him back then, 'Man, I would love to do something if it made sense one day,' and then this project came along. Through communication and the fact that many artists are just working with different artists these days, he wanted to be a part of it and he made this remix and he killed it. It's a dream come true for me."

Joe, to prove that he's got real street cred, claims to have listened to rap music, "I've always love hip hop, I've always love rap. And he's obviously been one of those artists who's been killing it for the past [few] years, and for the longest time I've been wanting with him somehow, in some way."