Meet Justin Bieber's Girlfriend

November 11, 2010 By:
Meet Justin Bieber's Girlfriend

Ever heard of Michaela Wallace? Well, neither had I until today. She’s an aspiring singer and actress who just released a very catchy song all about guess who: Justin Bieber.

The name is the song is “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend.” It’s the talk of the Bieber-inspired blogs today, and I must say, well done Michaela.

The song is all about a young girl who gets ready at her house, hops in her mom’s minivan, and heads to a JB concert with her gal pals.

“18,000 other girls here, but he’ll be looking at me,” go some of the lyrics. Pure genius.

Before all you haters go talking smack about lil M, take a look at the video. She’s adorable, has a great voice, and plays the guitar. I smell a collaboration!

Check it out below.