Nicki Minaj and "Check It Out" Music Video

November 11, 2010 By:
Nicki Minaj and

I am obsessing over Miss Nicki Minaj right now. She and just released their music video for "Check It Out," featuring the super hot and sexy Cheryl Cole.

The two talked about the video recently...

“You can expect some flyness when it comes to the outfits,” said of the clip, which drew its inspiration from Japanese Anime.

Minaj says of her producer, “Will is the only producer who produced me… he made the beat on the spot. I’m sitting there, and it was like, five minutes later he finished the beat!”

Will responded, saying, “She inspires the next level.”

It seems like Nicki Minaj is the girl to work with in the music industry right now. Gaga better watch her back!