Taylor Swift "Mine" Music Video

August 27, 2010 By:
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated music video for “Mine” is finally here! Swift traveled back to Maine for a half-hour television special on CMT to introduce the new video that was also shot in Maine last month.

The first release from her new album is due out Oct. 25. One of the central sites in the video is a church in Kennebunk, where Swift emerged in a wedding gown.

Video director Roman White told MTV, "She's crazy talented. Just to think, to be 20 years old and do all the stuff she's done and write her own music and create these songs that connect with all these people is amazing. And I think she's growing into herself. She's maturing. She's more confident, although she's always been confident. I think she's growing into herself.

She truly knows what she wants to write, what she wants to do, and she's putting it out there. I think the biggest thing is, she's stayed really true. She is exactly what you see. She's that sweet. She's that kind. She really is amazing."

During Friday's show, the 20-year-old Grammy winner is planning to talk about the music video locations and show behind-the-scenes footage. Tune in, and watch the music video below!