SoundStrokes: LOOK at Your Favorite Songs

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SoundStrokes: LOOK at Your Favorite Songs

Have you ever loved a song so much you wanted to experience it through other senses? The clever and talented folks at SoundStrokes can help you out. They're a crew of artists who take the sound waves of a song and turn them into a visual portrait. Don't listen to us yap about it, check out the video:

We had a few words with founder Daniela Tudor:

Tell me about the process behind the art

We use audio editing programs to pull off the waveforms, which then get projected through an HD projector. The customer can choose from a roster of painters and up to five colors as well as what medium they want their painting in. Some artists paint in acrylic, some in oil and some in spray paint or a combination of them.

Do certain styles of music tend to have patterns?

Yes they do; now after nearly a year, I can guess if something is a song, heartbeat or voice. It's so interesting. 

How can people order?

As our website is getting an extensive redesign, just message us your contact information to One of our specialists will call within 24 hours to take your custom order! This is such an important and special choice, so we like to be personal! 


Check out these recent designs:

Rusko's "Somebody To Love":


N.W.A.'s "Fuck Tha Police"


Cool stuff. Check out. Tell 'em Stereotude sent you!

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