YouTube All-Stars: Impromptu Dance Parties

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YouTube All-Stars: Impromptu Dance Parties
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Dancing is both very, very strange and a totally natural thing. Think about it, we all get in a group where we flail about and hump the air. Everybody does it.  Sometimes it's sexy, sometimes it's silly, but it is usually awesome. We've plumbed the depths of YouTube to find the best examples of impromptu dance parties around. This is YouTube All-Stars:


One-Man Army

In this video, your typical festival flailer is dancing alone in a field. First he's joined by one guy, then two, and before long, he's surrounded by hundreds of people getting weird in a field. This is why festivals are awesome. 


Baseball's Finest:

In this video, Nebraska and Cal State Bakersfield's respective baseball teams kill some time during a rain delay by trading some of the strangest dance moves we've ever seen.


Central Park Weirdness

Ah, New York City, where the world's most hip and fashionable are crammed in with some of the wackiest people alive. This video of a dance party in Central Park is a must-watch.


Russian Woods Rave

Okay okay, so this video might not be an impromptu dance party, but these '90s Russian ravers are slanging some absolutely weird and wonderful dance moves that you just have to watch.

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