'3 Things' with My Crazy Girlfriend

January 21, 2014 By:

My Crazy Girlfriend have been on a wild ride since the lyric video to their infectious "Go Fuck Yourself" hit YouTube a couple of months ago. They're busy giving people the finger and being pop stars now that they're hot property. For '3 Things,' we give you a chance to find out about your favorite stars on their own terms. Check it out:

When I was a kid, I loved to...film myself singing, dancing, and acting out skits, sometimes I'd force my friends to play along and they hated it. I didn't understand why, because I had so much fun doing it, but looking back... I did always make them play the "boy" in the scene... LOL. - Myah Marie 

If I wasn't a musician I'd be...a chef. I'm very passionate about cooking and have always loved cooking for my family and friends. I view cooking as another way to creatively express myself. - Justyn 

My most embarrassing moment...was in high school at volleyball practice, we got in trouble so our coach made us run lines. Well there was a hot new guy watching our practice so I thought I’d show off and outrun everyone, halfway through our punishment my DRAWSTRING ponytail flew off my head and onto the floor! I hurried BACK to where my phony pony had landed, grabbed it and ran out into the hall to find the whole cross-country track team staring at me. Humiliation at its finest. - Cosmo

And in case you missed it, here's My Crazy Girlfriend's lyric video for "Go Fuck Yourself":