Mystery Skulls Get Spooky with 'Ghost'

February 4, 2014 By:
Mystery Skulls Get Spooky with 'Ghost'
The best tracks are those that grasp the familiar and contort it to create new and unique textures, sounds, and even ways to move on the dance floor. Mystery Skulls (a.k.a. Luis Dubuc) does just that with his new single "Ghost." He just completed a club tour with Robert Delong, which was both a runaway success and a learning experience. The last show was on Friday, Jan. 31 opening for a sold out show at the El Rey in Los Angeles.
"It's the first real club tour I've ever done," said Dubuc. "It's amazing to see people reacting and, like, loving the music."
The Dallas native stated that more often he has performed at dance clubs, where the transitions between DJs are seamless and the crowd is continuously dancing. With this latest outing, a more classic rock tour, it's been up to Mystery Skulls to create the atmosphere and get people moving. "It's a bit of a challenge, but I love it and I've fucking killed it every night," said Dubuc.
Having signed with Warner Music in June, his debut album will feature the likes of Adam Lambert, Avicii and even Nile Rodgers on a track called "Magic."
"It's a really special song. The moment I wrote it, I thought, 'Wow, this could really be something.' And when he played on it...I don't know. It's one of those ones that just came together."
Mystery Skulls' new music video includes a freaky exorcism storyline. "Ghost," the new single is a soulful, synthy jam about endings and beginnings set to the story of an exorcist who uses his funky dance skills to attempt to rescue a certain possessed female. 
"I wrote it when I was moving away from Texas, you know, coming to LA. Starting a new life," Dubuc said of the single.
Check out Mystery Skulls' new video for "Ghost" below: