Joey Fatone on N Sync Reunion: It's Possible

January 12, 2009 By:
Joey Fatone on N Sync Reunion: It's Possible

2008 was all about the comebacks. The Spice Girls did it, the Backstreet Boys did it, hell even the New Kids on the Block reunited. With the New Year comes new possibilities.

So could an N Sync reunion be next? "It's possible," says former N Syncer Joey Fatone.

"You never know, that’s the hardest part. With N Sync you have 5 guys with five individual likes and what they wanna do in the direction of their careers," Joey told Hollyscoop exclusively at the NBC Golden Globes after party on Sunday.

"For me, personally I’m the only one that’s married and has a child and has that career. Family is some sort of lifestyle and career," he added.

"For the other guys, you’ve got Justin Timberlake, who is doing really well, JC Chasez who is writing, Lance who just did 'Dancing with the Stars' and who is hosting. You’ve got Chris who is writing and singing."

Joey added that the boys won't be getting together just for the sake of a reunion. "It’s all a matter of time and communication," he said.

"To get 5 guys that are in different states, together at one point in time is gonna be very difficult. We wanna do it at the right time, when it’s right. Getting all 5 guys to really talk on the same page. The hardest thing is to get together same with new kids…it took them 20 years."

Would you want the former boy band to reunite or should they just continue on their own paths? Seems like the Spice Girls were the only ones who had a successful reunion. We already forgot about the NKOTB and haven't heard much from the BSB.