Natalie Cole Denies Being Part of MJ Tribute

September 10, 2009 By:
Natalie Cole Denies Being Part of MJ Tribute

This Michael Jackson tribute in Vienna is running into some major problems! All the so-called “scheduled performers” are now coming forward to deny they were ever involved.

First came Chris Brown. After Jermaine Jackson held a press conference mentioning him contributing, his rep quickly issued a statement shooting the rumor down. Next came Mary J. Blige, who denied her involvement as well. And finally today, Natalie Cole’s rep tells TMZ that she too will not be performing at the event.

So much for a star-studded tribute! So without those three, that leaves…Akon and Jermaine Jackson. Sadly, we’re just waiting for the denial from Akon’s rep, which means Jermaine better have some sort of killer plan B up his sleeve.

It’s sad because this tribute could easily have been pushed back in order to secure performers. But it seems like it was rushed, and Jermaine was getting ahead of himself by holding the press conference.

We hope for Jermaine’s sake, and for the ticket holders, that he comes up with a back-up plan.