Natasha Bedingfield: Scoop on New Album!

November 18, 2010 By:
Natasha Bedingfield: Scoop on New Album!

I got a chance to talk with the beautiful and talented Natasha Bedingfield recently, who has a brand new album coming out next month called Strip Me.

Her single “Strip Me” is also featured on the soundtrack of the movie Morning Glory, starring Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford.

“It’s the perfect movie to have that song in, “Natasha told me. “It’s really so inspiring. It’s about one person’s quest for their dream against all odds.”

Natasha also talked about why her songs fit in with movie soundtracks so well. “I’ve heard from the movie companies that they feel like my songs lay a nice bed underneath the movie,” she explained. “I think that’s why my songs have been in so many movies.”

She also caught us up to speed on the new album that’s been in the works for two years, and are based on the stories of the people she’s met along her journey.

“The album is called Strip Me because it’s about getting back to what is real, doing away with all the fluff.”

Natasha fans will also be excited to hear that she just finished working with Nicki Minaj on her upcoming album Pink Friday.

“I’m such a big fan,” Natasha said of Minaj.

Check out more on that scoop, plus Natasha’s thoughts on being on Glee, below!